New Railway line cuts CSMT – Karjat Commute by 30 minutes!

Blog on New railway line from Karjat to Panvel by Vijay Properties Developers

How the new railway line between CSMT and Karjat will reduce commute time by 30 minutes: The work of doubling the railway line between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Karjat to reduce the travel time by 30 minutes for passengers between Panvel and Karjat. The Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation Limited operates the construction project and will receive about 29 hectares of land that comprises private and public lands and forested country. The 29.6 km of the railway line will be built between Panvel and Karjat stations for a total project cost of 2,783 crore rupees.

This abandoned railway line between Karjat and Panvel will be finished by 2025. The starting date for the operation of trains is set to be March 2025. This route will connect newly developed areas between Karjat and Panvel to the future suburban network.
Currently, commuters have to change from the Central Railway’s main line to the Thane-Vashi trans-harbour railway to commute between Panvel and Karjat.

New Railway Line

The route: Passengers travelling between the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Karjat will now be able to travel for roughly 30 extra minutes as an alternate route will be available due to enhanced connectivity between them. The rail journey from Karjat to CSMT takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes, so the trip could be shortened to approximately 100 minutes by taking the Karjat-Panvel-CSMT route.

Benefits for passengers: People traveling from Karjat or Kalyan should be expected to disembark at Thane Station to board trains at Trans-Harbour station. The elevated platform will route them directly to Kalwa, saving valuable time.

Conclusion: Those travelling between the two locations will find it more convenient. This is great news for the residents of Karjat, who now have a faster and more efficient way to get to the city. It is also good news for the residents of Mumbai, who can now take advantage of the many attractions that Karjat has to offer. Vijay Properties’ Project Parivaramm Eco Modern Homes in Panvel is located at Panvel 30 mins form railway station, which is occupies the new Karjat – Panvel – CSMT railway route.

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