Make your home look bigger in 7 easy steps

Home Look Bigger

It’s quite appreciative how cozy, comfortable, and gratifying small-space living quarters can be when well done. Being a Mumbaikar, you can totally relate to this. With thoughtful layouts and the selection of a few items, you can transform a small room into an inviting space. The trick is to expand the perception of a small home. Here are some simple staging tips to accomplish this. 

Scale it down:

To make room for the sofa, you must move it away from the wall and to the center of the room. It’s about perception. Making furniture near a wall pulls attention to its end. You should redistribute the focus.

Minimize attention:

Furniture with light and dark finishes can help coordinate room decor so that the total area looks larger. Ideas that often work in bedrooms are couches with beds, bunk beds, or sofa cum beds.

Mirror illusion: 

Low-hanging mirrors can result in the illusion of a large space. Mirrors can be strategically positioned so they appear like an additional window. 

Remove the rugs and drapes:

Keeping out the drapes and the rug can give you a spruce-looking space in your space. Opt for blinds and sheer curtains instead. 

Make it white:

An easy, lightweight white surface can reflect light and make for an extremely airy feeling. If you can make it happen, avoid bulky textiles that absorb light and weigh down your room. Linen is an ideal example of a lightweight material that will quicken the tempo of air in the room. 

Light it up:

Natural light boosts the interior of any room and makes everything look more spacious. This effect is great if you have natural light available. If you do not have any, however, don t worry about it too much. Incorporate creative lighting effects to add ambience. It’s amazing how a small addition can make such a big difference. Lastly, The high ceilings of a room give a smaller space the appearance of being spacious, even if they are not wide.

Simplifying things:

If a lot of decor already exists, the area may feel confined and cluttered. Go for a wallpaper accent for the area’s wall, and abide by the other facets of the room. If the center of your living room is made for that huge oil painting, but you don’t know where to begin as the front door and windows are plain, use only one decorative item.

Maintain a lightness in taking care of your haven, and you will do well. Have fun decorating your little area!

In conclusion, making your home look bigger in 7 easy steps is simple and effective. These steps are easy to follow and can make a big difference in the way your home looks. At Project Parivaramm by Vijay Properties, you can make your dream home bigger and more inviting by following above easy steps.

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We intend to grow stronger by having an open conversation with our clients.