What makes the festive season the best time to invest in real estate?

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It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us and, for many people that means it’s time to start thinking about investing in real estate. But what makes the festive season the best time to invest? Here are 4 reasons why:

Tons of Offers:
Developers make cheaper offers, discounts, privileges and tax-exempt incentives during the festive period to entice clients. Recognizing the importance of the festive period to real estate investors, developers are keenly aware of the timing of their sale initiatives. If you are buying a home, you will have a number of options for buying at this time, including real estate discounts, cash savings, rewards on registration and stamp duty, travel vouchers, free car parking space, versatile payment options, exemption from Preferential Location Charges (PLC), free home appliances, or gold and silver coins. Developers sometimes offer to pay renters rent till possession is ready to facilitate investment in their under-construction projects, as ready-to-move properties help buyers save on monthly rentals.

New project Inauguration:
There are usually more properties available during the festive season, giving you more choice. Lenders are typically more willing to lend during the festive season as they’re looking to boost their end-of-year figures. Prices are often lower during this period as sellers are keen to offload their properties before the end of the year.

Offers on Home Loans:
All this time, banks also offer attractive bargains in the form of exceptionally low-interest rates, 0% GST, and waiver of home loan processing costs, to name a few.

Opportunity to spend more:
The holiday season is a time when people are generally feeling good and optimistic about the future. This positive attitude can lead to making some great decisions – like investing in real estate! While banks and lending institutions release attractive advertisement strategies, many salaried employees also have notable cash flow and significantly greater disposable income during the holidays, thanks to bonus and benefit packages offered by their employers.

Chance for negotiation:
The extra time off work means you can dedicate more time to inspections and negotiations. There are also several months in the holiday season, so vendors may typically get the sales wrapped up more quickly.

From this holiday season, why not purchase your dream home? Vijay Properties will be more than your friend when acquiring a new home, so what are you waiting for?

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We intend to grow stronger by having an open conversation with our clients.